Throw-down: Beethoven vs. Skrillex

As I’ve discussed before, when it comes to updating the blog, I have the consistency of undercooked custard. Even though I’ve been meaning to get around to posting something for a few days now, I haven’t been able to think of anything even vaguely interesting to say. A few ideas have drifted around in my brain, but inevitably they’ve been sent to the blackhole that is my Drafts. I’ll get around to posting them eventually – most of it is just existential ramblings on living in the moment and shenanigans in the world of wanna-be adulthood.

Then, like a bolt from the blue, I realised that I might as well just blog about the thing that left me ranting, raging and generally frothing at the mouth like a pissed off honey-badger for most of yesterday and part of this morning:

This upsets me on multiple levels:

1. Who could possibly think that Skrillex is better than Beethoven?

Comparing Beethoven to Skrillex is like comparing Nutella to tinfoil. I’m not going to try to call Skrillex’s music into question, because that would just lead to a long, drawn out discussion as to what real music is.

Of course, it’s a matter of personal preference, but the genres their music fall into are totally unrelated, and saying Skrillex is better because Beethoven has no bass drops is… You know, I don’t even have words for that kind of idiocy.

2. How can you not know who Beethoven is?

Were you raised by wolves?

3. How can you spew your idiocy all over the internet without doing any research or even considering that you might be wrong?

Seriously – this is a big one. How can you so violently give your opinion without putting any research into it?

“I heard the same music in a rap song?” REALLY? You don’t maybe Google Beethoven before saying something this utterly retarded? You think you know better than your music teacher because you listen to noise with great bass drops? Sit down before you hurt yourself.

I just realised, I’m actually too pissed off about this idiocy to say anything coherent about it. Like Sheldon says, “… people are stupid and that makes me sad.”

It’s just like this fuckery. Who the fuck compares Skrillex to the Beatles? I could rant about this all day, but I won’t – you know what they say about fighting on the internet.


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